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Rent Deposits

Online rent payment is the ideal solution for landlords and property managers to streamline efforts, saving time and money.  Benefits include: automatic, recurring rent collection; convenient for both landlords and residents;  no more stamps, envelopes, checks or trips to the bank; money is often transferred faster than traditional checks; attract higher-quality residents with stable bank accounts; built-in accounting and reporting.

Applicant Screening

Innovative suite of tenant screening services including renter eviction history, background search reports and tenant credit score.  Our leasing suite's online tools deliver everything you need to turn leads into leases, from online applications to screening and documents.  In fact, you might be left wondering how you ever managed without us.

Property Marketing

Individually tailored marketing strategy for each and every property is key to effectively lease units. Spread the word to thousands of active prospects.  On-Site's powerful Marketing Suite drives traffic and builds your brand effectively, so you can extend your reach without overextending yourself.

Full Accounting

Armed with one of the best Property Management software, we offer a wide range of accounting services and detailed reporting to our clients and investors including accounts payable/receivable, investor disbursements and payroll, creating seamless accounting and real-time reporting for all of your critical information.  Additionally, we work with an outside accountant on end of year income tax documentation.


Property upkeep is a priority therefore annual inspections of occupied units are performed regularly

Collections Management

Automated and streamlined collection, administration, reporting and letter writing.

Repairs & Renovations

We provide a wide range of services, from minor repairs to total renovations.

Vendor Contracting

We have successful and productive partnerships with our vendors, striking a balance between the best interest of the company, our clients and our vendors.

Insurance Benefits

Insurance coverage includes: Workers' Compensation Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance, General Liability Insurance and Medical/Dental/Vision.